Modeling in Manchester

Modeling agencies in Manchester realize that many aspiring models want to work in high fashion. These types of models will find very little of this type of modeling in the area. Rather than make promises they cannot keep, Manchester modeling agencies focus of developing local talent for the rigorous and competitive area market. They stress the discipline and development a model needs to be successful in this industry.

Walk-ins are common in London, but Manchester agencies often use online applications to find their models. These consist of a few basic questions. Photos are sent with the application. Modeling agencies generally prefer one full face shot and a body shot to assess if a potential model is a good fit for their agency. The shots must be clear, but need not be taken by a professional. Some agencies will allow potential models to send more than 2 photos, but it is not necessary.

A good agency will assess a person's modeling potential from the photos and application. If the person passes this phase of assessment, they will then be given an interview. The interview consists of explaining the type of modeling work a person may be able to get through that particular agency. It is also the time when a model has a chance to put their best foot forward and gain ground. Photos are important in the modeling industry, but personality is an important factor as well. Modeling agencies are looking for models that have personality and discipline. The potential model must also be prepared for a schedule that includes working long hours and taking great care to remain healthy. Healthy lifestyle is one facet often stressed by agencies in the Manchester area.

While not a high fashion area, there are still some modeling jobs available in high fashion. Many modeling jobs in the Manchester area are for commercial work such as television advertisements. Catalogue work is generally available for models that fit that particular category. Body work, such as photos of hands wearing jewelry, is a staple in the Manchester modeling business. Agencies are often looking for good body models.

There is a large variety of work available through Manchester modeling agencies. While the variety differs greatly from that available in the large city of London, it is a good way to start in this competitive field. A good model can build an impressive portfolio and find regular work if they have the looks, discipline and drive to succeed.